SonoAce R7

Fast performance

Auto IMT+ provides instant and accurate Min, Max, Standard Deviation and Quality Index of the Intima-Media Thickness of the carotid artery wall at the touch of a single button.

Extended view

Panoramic imaging displays as an extended field-of-view so users can examine wide areas that do not fit into one image as a single image.

Accurate and easy diagnosis


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan™ detects the presence of a solid massin tissues and converts the stiffness into color images.


Strain function quantitatively displays cardiac motion using motion vectors and diagnoses cardiac dyssynchrony. User can detect information of radial speckle tracking easily and obtain trajectory with strain information.

Stress Echo

The SONOACE R7 provides a package for pharmacological Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo, and exercise Stress Echo. The programmable features of each Stress Echo study give you a streamlined workflow to fit your needs. Stress Echo supports a flexible reporting format that can be individually optimized for your workplace environment.

Advanced performance for your efficiency


The effective utilization of a wide Dynamict Range, in combination with sophisticated image processing features like SCI™, DMR+™ ensures consistent high resolution images with the SONOACE R7

  • DPDI

  • DMR+™

  • Wide Dynamic Range

  • Multi Beam Processing

  • SCI™ (Spatial Compound Imaging™)

  • FSI™ (Full Spectrum Imaging™)

  • SRF™ (Speckle Reduction Filter™


Samsung's advanced features such as ElastoScan™, 3D XI™ and e-Motion Marker™ ensure easy detection upholding diagnostic condence.

  • ElastoScan™

  • 3D/4D

  • 3D XI™

  • Strain

  • Stress Echo

  • e-Motion Marker™

  • Panoramic


Advanced 2D recognition software, QuickScan™ and Auto IMT+™ allows the SONOACE R7 to optimize the work?ow with the simple push of a button.

  • QuickScan™

  • Auto IMT+™

  • Trapezoidal View

Ergonomic Design

Control panel

The control panel can easily be adjusted to the user’s preferred height for a better working position.

Front and rear handle

To further improve the mobility of the SONOACE R7, it is equipped with handles on both side of the front and the rear.

19-inch LED monitor

The SONOACE R7 offers a clearer 19-inch LED monitor view which contributes to a more accurate diagnosis.

e-Motion Marker™ sensor

The SONOACE R7 provides Samsung’s motion sensor for endocavity transducers that is detachable.


Curved array transducers


Abdomen, OB, Gynecology


Abdomen, OB, Gynecology


Abdomen, Vascular, Pediatric

Linear array transducers


Small parts, Vascular, Abdomen


Small parts, Vascular, Musculoskeletal


Small parts, Vascular, Musculoskeletal

Volume transducers


Abdomen, OB, Gynecology


Abdomen, OB, Gynecology


OB, Gynecology, Urology

Endo-cavity transducers


OB, Gynecology, Urology


OB, Gynecology, Urology

Phased array transducers


Abdomen, Cardiac, TCD


Abdomen, Cardiac, TCD


Cardiac, Abdomen, TCD